On your visit to Italy don’t miss to relish on some of the popular food items of this place. If you want to enjoy roadside charm, local cuisine and eat among locals then you can visit Trattoria (an Italian style restaurant). Ristorante is for those seeking expensive fare and seafood while Osterias are wine bars which serve simple meals and traditionally they do not have any menu.

You can go to Florence Food Tours famous for regionally prepared dish that you will not find in whole of Italy.

Traditional style of cooking is respectfully known as CUCINA POVERA or “poor kitchen” due to its culture of collecting the remains of food at the end of the day. They take it to prepare meal to their countryside. Finally, chefs of Florence use every part of the animal for their ingredients for meal. It gives Italy traditional food its simplicity yet heart touching features as you will not leave extra food in your serving dishes.

List of some relishing cultural dishes prepared below


  • Truffle Gnocchi


You cannot refuse to have strongly scented fungus which is commonly used in preparation of food. It is a costly item and should be tasted at least once in the lifetime. Small restaurant in Florence has menu prepared from truffle (Underground strong scented fungus).

Yes, every day they make trufflin base food items of typical price $20. After consuming the tasty dish, you will on top of the world. It is consumed with cream sauce with Gorgonzola (rich strong flavored Italian made) Cheese.


  • Bistecca alla Fiorentina


This dish is especially for meat lovers to have outside commonly called Florentine Steak. This food prepared from meat is outstanding in the great city of Firenze. Traditionally meat of this dish is taken from the local Chianina cow, roasted for 3 – 4 minutes and laden out thick bone part of mutton. Priced $ 40 consider expensive so better to share with your friends.


Florence city of Italy is known worldwide for its traditionally prepared food from locally found ingredients. Italy food displays rich culture and tradition to their foreign tourists.