Companies are crying out due to the losses they have to suffer due to online security breaches. The terms, malware attack, phishing attacks, cameras hacked, virus attacks, and spear phishing scams have become far too common. And the speed with which such attacks are not just increasing but also becoming more dreadful and tougher to restrict is troubling. Whilst there are ways to tighten the security of a company to make it stronger against security breaching attempts, many businesses underestimate the severity of cybercrime, only to later pay off for the mistake by losing substantial money and compromising the security details of users. As scary as it looks, only if you become more vigil and aware, you can guard your assets. And the 4 unparalleled ways to do so are given below.

  1. Avoid Password Mistakes

The following 5 password mistakes are quite lethal since they fail to secure the devices you’re using.

  1. Creating a short password
  2. Using the same passwords for all devices and accounts
  3. Sharing passwords with many people
  4. Not using multi-factor authentication
  5. Using default DVR password for security cameras

Follow the following tips to avoid them.

  • Use password generating tools to create a long – 20 characters – password
  • Use different symbols, letters, numbers, and alphabets to make the password complex
  • Create different passwords for all IoT devices and social media accounts
  1. Use Security Tools

Security tools to warn about and remove viruses, malware, and phishing links are the best ways to guard your company against hackers. The tools being talked about are antivirus software and firewall software.

  1. Network Segmentation Technique

Break the security information into different fragments and feed those fragments in different networks. Ensure that all the networks are placed behind a firewall and have a strong backdoor password. In the case, if a cybersecurity crisis does end up hitting your company, the damage will be minimal. It is because hacking 1 network wouldn’t allow hackers to gain access to all the networks.

  1. Debug The Software

The software should remain bug-free. But it requires effort since all codes develop bugs from time to time and they have to be removed before they can be exploited and missed to launch a malware attack. The best debugging ways are given below.

  • Install software updates
  • Uninstall all the old softwares
  • Hire ethical hackers
  • Use network testing tools to remove bugs from the cloud storage
  • Use software testing tools to remove hidden bugs from the system