There has been this fashion debate which has been plaguing moms of toddlers for quite some time now. Some of the moms are always of the notion that Leggings can never be pants. The only exception as everyone knows is when you are using the leggings as “Yoga Pants”. The other half, however, believes that leggings are quite chic and can definitely be used as bottoms.

Mini Dreamers stand in solidarity with mums who want to dress up their kiddos with leggings as bottoms. Because at the end of the day there is no bad dressing, there can be only breaking the bias in a smart way.

Mini Dreamers has a bouquet of lovely and fun ideas which mums can definitely use if they want to dress up their kids with leggings as bottoms. In this article, we would like to share some smart ideas of how you can smartly use leggings as bottoms.

What To Wear The Leggings And How To Make Kids Look Dapper?

  • Sweat Shirts: The long shirts are the best to wear with leggings. The Avengers Tees and the Super Heroes Hoodies are much in demand with kids nowadays. Eleven Paris Kids has an exotic collection of hoodies and sweatshirts that would make your kid look like the young Harry Potter.
  • Dress in Leggings: Short to mid-length dresses suit with leggings. It is also better if you could pair skirts with dress and leggings because that would help you display the fun and bright colours and would make standing and sitting more comfortable for the kids. Sweater dresses with faux pass leggings was a hit trend with kids and adults alike, this winter season. Have a look at the fall collection of Eleven Paris Dress.
  • Leggings that are in trend: The Leggings that are in trend is usually the one that is made up of soft fabric and make sleepovers and the binge-watching sessions extra comfortable for kids. Soft floral patterns and Wonder Woman leggings are a hot favourite among kids this season. Have a look at the collection of Eleven Paris Leggings.

Make the kids romp about gracefully in the leggings they love so much. After all, dressing up kids is so much fun.