If we talk about the popular video formats, then the flash videos will come on the top of the list. If you are watching something online, then consider watching it in flash format and you will actually see the difference. Out of all the sub-formats that flash videos could be seen in, the FLV and F4V are the most popular ones. The reason behind it is that they could be compressed easily, without any substantial loss of the quality of the videos. What more one can ask for?

 Another reason for FLV being a choice of most of the people is that almost every computer has a flash adobe player installed on it. Also, there are a lot of websites which uses Flash format for their videos. So, this format is the go-to format for almost all the videos that we see now a day.  

Although, there are a lot of apps that could help you in downloading videos from this format and here is the list. You can read about them here and then can choose one for yourself.


  • VideoDuke


If you too are someone who is having a problem in downloading FLV videos, then, VideoDuke could be your one-stop destination. With this small tool, you can actually have big benefits. There are a lot of things that this tool actually has to offer you.

It has two modes of working, simple mode and advanced mode. When you are using advanced mode, you can actually work on 4 tabs together and out of these, one could be your flash tab. This point is enough to make you understand how easy it is to download the Flash videos on VideoDuke. The amazing features that this application offers to its users make it the best flash video downloader for Mac.


  • Clip grab


After VideoDuke, that one app you can totally rely upon is the Clip, Grab. This is a very good and dedicated downloader and converter of online videos. it allows to download and convert videos into different formats from almost all the platforms that contain videos on it. This is the next very reliable option for downloading Flash videos for Mac. The best part about this application is that it is free to download. Other than that, it belongs to that category of video downloader that offers you maximum functionality, but minimal ads.


  • FatestTube


The last, but not the least option that we would like to recommend our users in this application. It is popularly known for its compatibility with almost all the browsers that we use in our daily life. One can download any video from YouTube using this application. The efficiency of this application could be seen once you start using it. Do not forget to choose the format of the videos before downloading it on this app.

After reading these points, Mac users may feel relaxed about the downloading of flash videos on their device. These applications are the best amongst all the options available.