Posture is key to a healthy body. In a lot of ways, simply walking or exercising can show what the body wants to be doing when it sits and stands. Slouching or slumping over is not in any way natural to the human body, but at work, many who spend a lot of time at a desk either sit forward or recline backwards in unnatural ways. Over time, this can have dire consequences to physical and mental health. Because so much of human life is spent working, it can become a real issue when posture turns into physical health concerns, and it happens more often than some would think.

Bad Posture, Bad News for the Body

The deterioration of natural posture can affect the human body in seemingly surprising ways, including arthritis, spinal issues and pain, and full body soreness that becomes chronic. The worst part is that a lot of these issues come from things that can be controlled, like posture while working at the office. One way to combat posture issues down the road is to buy chairs that support the body rather than enable it into harmful positions.

Autonomous has found a way to combat these bad posture habits. As a leading ecommerce brand in office furniture, accessories, and more, Autonomous recognized that the body only acts in a harmful way when its not supported, so they sought out to design a supportive, fully ergonomic office chair that was comfortable enough to feel like a chair in the living room. The end result was an affordable, visually stunning, full support office chair called the ErgoChair 2.

How the ErgoChair 2 Helps the Body Instead of Hurts

Many office chairs have things like height adjustments, but the adjustments that can be made on the ErgoChair 2 are much more dynamic and user friendly. Back and seat tilt tension offer 360 degrees of flexible, full-body support no matter how the chair is adjusted and used.

For shorter individuals, the same amount of support is offered throughout the body while sitting on the ErgoChair 2 as someone who is twice their height. Likewise, various bodies have different areas that feel stress while seated. No two bodies is alike, which is why Autonomous made sure to include a full range of adjustable settings to ensure each chair feels tailored to the individual.

Love the Lumbar Support of the ErgoChair 2

One thing a lot of expensive chairs offer is lumbar support, but many come without the ability to adjust it. That’s another area in which Autonomous hit the nail on the head. Adjustable lumbar support allows the user to feel what the body is asking for. If lower back support is necessary, the ErgoChair 2 is easily adjusted to provide it. If the upper back needs some room to breathe, adjustable lumbar support makes it possible.

The ability to adjust the chair easily is an underrated feature of the ErgoChair 2. Some chairs make adjustments feel like a minor battle. With the ErgoChair 2, innovative handles respond immediately to the user and allow each and every person to find the perfect settings within seconds. The ErgoChair 2 provides a user experience unlike anything in the office furniture market, and Autonomous is known for defying expectations, just as they did with this product.

Autonomous offers assembly solutions to assist offices in putting the chairs together, but construction is minimal and easy for all. Discounts are made available to bulk orders for multiple items, so ensure every employee has access to great posture and lumbar support with an Autonomous chair like the ErgoChair 2. Order today!